• archives and document management
  • current foreign affairs
  • historical and military tourism and commercialization of historical knowledge
  • history teaching and promotion of national history
Interior Security
  • interior security services
  • security of information and cyberspace
Modern Languages
  • English for business translation
  • English Philology and teacher training
National Security
  • business intelligence
  • state security
National Security (studies in English)
  • business intelligence
  • euroatlantic policy and security
  • early childhood education
  • social prevention
  • vocational guidance and career coaching
Polish Philology
  • Polish for the media and business with foreign language studies
  • Polish philology and speech therapy
  • teaching specialization
  • translation and text creation
Pre-school and Early School Pedagogy
  • art education
  • early foreign language teaching
Special Pedagogy
  • early support of child development
  • sociotherapy
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